How to fix “can’t run/import dns: error on Ajax : found cname 1 conflict in hostname www” in Ezoic Cloudflare integration

While trying to setup and integrate Ezoic with Cloudflare you might have gotten this annoying error – “can’t run/import dns: error on Ajax : found cname 1 conflict in hostname www” and “Issue with DNS Records. The following CNAME records have other resource records with the same hostname: www. A CNAME record cannot share a hostname with other records.” at the same time as they are related to each other.

So, in this article, I will be showing you how to fix this Ezoic-Cloudflare integration very easily.

Step 1: Enable “Development Mode” in your Cloudflare domain

Log in to Cloudflare and select your domain, then under Quick actions, enable “Development Mode” this is so that we can set and see the changes in real-time by bypassing the cache.

Step 2: Delete the conflicting record

Go to your Cloudflare website’s DNS page, and delete all the records with “www” it can be of any type CNAME, A, AAAA, or TXT or multiple instances of the same, so delete them (only if the name is www).

Step 3: Add the CNAME record in Ezoic DNS manually

Go to “Settings” in Ezoic and scroll down until you get to the DNS section. Here, click on the “ADD DNS RECORD” button and add the record of type “CNAME” with the name “www” and the value is the name of your website.

Step 4: Delete other error records in Ezoic DNS

Check for other records in Ezoic DNS which have a red exclamation icon, and delete them.

Step 5: Disable “Development Mode” in Cloudflare and Wait

Finally, go to your Cloudflare account and disable the “Development Mode” we had previously enabled.

Then wait for at least 15-30 minutes, and then try integrating Ezoic to your Cloudflare account, it should work.

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